Welcome to Studio NOCTA. At Studio Nocta I create wet-felted wearable art: scarfs made from fine merino wool, vintage silk fabrics and fibers like flax. These ingredients combined create modern accessories that someone will be able to enjoy, wear and touch – a one of a kind piece you will be passing on to someone else when you have worn it for many many years.

Webshop is on its way!

I’m in the process of building a full-functioning webshop! However, as this requires quite a lot of research into taxes, packaging and safe delivery methods, for now I take requests for buying items via e-mail. If you’re interested in one of the items I made please send me a message and we’ll go from there!

Romantic Nights #5

Winter Nights #1

Urban Nights #2

Wet Felted Scarf by Studio Nocta

Urban Nights #1

Romantic Nights #4

Romantic Nights #2

Winter Nights #2

Romantic Nights #1

Casual Nights #1

Romantic Nights #3

Casual Nights #2