About Studio NOCTA

The Studio

Art to wear, touch and enjoy

At Studio Nocta I create wet-felted wearable art: scarfs made from fine merino wool, vintage silk fabrics and fibers like flax. These ingredients are laid out on a flat surface and then worked with water, soap and pressure from my hands until they form a new fabric.  Every time I start a new piece I’m excited about the endless possibilities in front of me: I can design in any shape or form I want, often using fabulous vintage silks, and it needs only simple tools to bring it to live. When I notice the loose fibers have merged enough so they can be picked up, forming a new fabric, I know why I do it: I’m able to create a brand-new modern accessory that someone will be able to *wear*, *touch* and *enjoy*. An accessory that the owner won’t throw in the clothing bin after a decade of enjoying it, but that will be passed on to someone else who can appreciate a one of a kind item. My inspiration comes from my first creative outlet as an adult: photography. In this artform I learned to look for high-contrast scenes, interesting shapes and patterns, often unseen by the casual observer. In my felt work you’ll notice high-contrast designs, like those shadows you can only spot on a bright sunny day while walking through the city, or, more subtle play of light and dark, as if light was entering though living room curtains creating playful patterns on the wall.
Studio Nocta, Rosanne Dubbeld, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.