About Rosanne Dubbeld

The artist: Rosanne Dubbeld

When everyone is sleeping my mind is exploring a thousand possibilities

There is something about the night, when everyone has turned off their lights and my world is quieting down minute by minute, that makes my brain start producing ideas. The more silence outside, the louder my creative brain. Often with my hands still in water and soap needed for felting I’m already thinking about tomorrow: what will I make? Black and white? A new batch of wool? How about cutting shapes from the vintage silks I found? After a good night of sleep I will pick one of the images I fantasized about in the middle of the night and start the process of creating… Something new. And it almost never turns out the way I pictured in my mind. The real creating always happens when I have the materials right in front of me.


But at night, when the world quiets down… I start exploring ideas again.